Guide to Purchasing Platform

Quick guide to Purchasing Platform

Watch the Purchasing Platform demo

Looking for a group purchasing organization that leverages technology to simplify the procurement process? Watch the Purchasing Platform demo to see how easy it is to buy office supplies, paint, pool supplies, janitorial & cleaning supplies, electrical, plumbing and many more MRO products. Mark favorites, place orders, and classify expenses quickly to streamline purchasing.

For small and mid-size business across a wide variety of industries, Purchasing Platform is your one-stop-shop for spend management & procurement / E-Procurement. We are an online marketplace supporting all of your company’s operational and maintenance needs as well as a tool for tracking and controlling your team members’ spend habits. We even save your accounting team time by mapping all purchases made on our site to your internal system! Members get access to discounted pricing on more than 1,000,000 products daily, the comfort of knowing that our Price Match Guarantee will keep you competitive, and an integrated support team (aka our “Buying Desk”) to help address any questions or needs you may have!


Quick guide to Purchasing Platform

Our Buying Desk is comprised of a team of purchasing professionals that you have access to at no additional cost. Buying Desk can rapidly deliver you multiple price quotes for larger volume orders, find competitive pricing on literally anything you are looking for, and guarantee to match or beat any price your team finds on the web!

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